Bumps in the road

It's been a while since I've posted anything and so much has happened since then. This past year has been crazy! So many wonderful things have happened: I got engaged to and married my best friend, I got an awesome new job that I'm loving, and have had lots of great experiences with friends and … Continue reading Bumps in the road


Tug of War

I love competition. I love everything about it. It doesn’t matter what kind: sports, music, grades, silly games…you name it, I’ll get really into it. I don’t really understand why I love it so much. Being competitive is often seen as prideful because it’s a battle to see who is better. But for me, it’s … Continue reading Tug of War

The week we left the sunroof open during the torrential rainstorm

This week has been a little stormy, to say the least.  As the title suggests, it rained a ton this week.  The windows in our house are little sunroofs and on Thursday, there was a big downpour while we were at English course.  Well, Sorella Cano and I had forgotten to close the sunroof in … Continue reading The week we left the sunroof open during the torrential rainstorm

Italian is oozing out of my ears

Ciao tutti!  This week has been so crazy with transfers and everything.  Man.  Mine and Sorella Henson's new companions are here! 😀  Our house has done a 180° flip haha it's crazy.  My companion is Sorella Cano and Sorella Henson's greenie is Sorella Sanchez!  The one greenie that doesn't speak any English, haha.  Both of … Continue reading Italian is oozing out of my ears