Arrivederci, Fratello Taylor!

Ciao! I actually have a couple of stories to tell this week! So this will hopefully be a little more exciting than the last couple of weeks' entries... Ok, story time.  So Sorella Cherrington and I were preparing a lesson on the law of chastity for one of our investigators.  But since it was our [...]


Halfway done!

Half way done with the MTC!! 😀  As much as I love the MTC, I can't wait to get out of here and go to Italy.  Only 3 more weeks to go! 🙂 This week was fantastic!  We are teaching 2 "investigators" (our teachers role play as people who taught on their missions).  One is [...]

Belated Happy Mother’s Day!!

Ciao!  We're so busy all the time here that I didn't remember Mother's Day until the Thursday before!  So belated Happy Mother's Day!! This week has definitely been way better than the first week.  Man, the first week was brutal, as far as your mental exhaustion.  My Italian is slowly improving. We're just starting to [...]

La prima settimana

Ciao!  I have officially survived my first week in the MTC! 🙂  The first day was crazy, even before getting to the MTC.  I flew in to Utah on Tuesday, the day before reporting to the MTC.  My first flight was delayed 40-45 minutes and then my connecting flight left 5 minutes early.  And since [...]