A Week of Miracles

This week has been so incredible!  We have had some pretty amazing experiences this week.  On Friday, we invited our Romanian investigator, Luciano, to be baptized and he accepted!!  He has such a sweet, pure heart.  He says that he loves coming to church because he feels so good and calm inside. And then, the [...]


Hidden treasures

From Sorella Mathews mom... After Sorella Scherbel shared her blog with me, I took advantage of her invitation to browse through to catch a snap shot or two of Sorella Mathews.:)  Yes, I miss her, but the joy I see in her countenance brings peace and reassurance that the Lord is mindful and our daughter [...]

Yes Ma’am, No Spam

This is actually from Sorella Mathews' mom...Yesterday, I came across an email with a subject line: "At cappaccio with Carrie"  At first I thought it was 'spam' since I didn't recognize the email address, but got curious and opened the email and lo and behold, it was a picture of our very own Sorella Janessa [...]

Benvenuta a Battipaglia!!

I'm officially in Italy!!  I never thought this day would come...it seemed so far away when I opened my call 6 months ago, but here I am!! 🙂  So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to start...I'll just skip past the plane rides here because I literally slept the entire time. [...]


So happy to have received this email from Sorella Scherbel... :)Dear Brother and Sister Mathews,I am Sister Scherbel and my husband and I are senior missionaries here in Battipaglia, Italy. Your daughter arrived safe and sound and is here with her two new companions.  We went out to Sofia's for pizza.  She is happy and we [...]

Welcome to Mt. Creepy!

Ok, so to explain the title: Since our P Day is on Wednesday, we like to sit right outside 1M where all of the newbies come out of when they arrive at the MTC. The first couple of weeks, it used to be just our zone, but every week, more and more P Day people [...]