Too much food…

Just a heads up, Sorella Mathews is coming home with a little more weight than when she left!  We had 5 lunch/dinner appointments this week, and 3 of them were all on the same day!!  I thought I was going to die... So on Thursday, we went up to Castellamare for a lunch appointment with [...]


Walking again!

I can officially walk again!! Goodbye, crutches! It's been a slow transition because I sprained the inside AND the outside of my ankle, but I can walk normally now! 🙂 My foot is just all super bruised, but that's nothing. I'm just sooo happy we can get out and work again. Thursday was deep cleaning [...]

Tendonitis and sprained ankle

This week has been such an amazing learning experience! So every weekly planning session, we each set a personal goal, something that we want to do better during the upcoming week.  Two Fridays ago, I decided to set a goal to be more patient with myself.  Bad idea haha.  Last week, I had a tendonitis [...]

Of humble circumstance

So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to begin. I'll just go day by day since last Wednesday.So last Wednesday, Sorella Wagoner had to go up to Rome for a meeting, so we took the train up to Napoli and met up with the Pozzouli sisters.  Sorella Wagoner and Sorella Christianson [...]

Transfers and Italian Cemeteries

I've officially made it through my first transfer in the mission field!! 🙂  Sorella Wagoner and I are staying here in Battipaglia, but Sorella Rossell got transferred to Foggia, so  on Thursday, we took her to up to Napoli to catch the train that her new companion and the other missionaries going to Bari and [...]