Mitica Messina

This week has been absolutely magical!!  It's been really cool to see the Lord guide our planning and put people in our path with the plans that we make.  We had a lot of plans to see less actives and new converts this week and when we would show up, they would have a friend [...]


Benvenuta a Messina!

Transfer week!!!  Hooray for long train rides!  It actually didn't feel that long though, which was good.  I took a train from Salerno all the way down to Messina, which was about a 5 1/2 hour train ride.  And thankfully the other missionaries going to Sicily from Rome were in the same train car as [...]

Messina or bust!

Surprise!!  Our P Day has been changed from Wednesday to Monday, so don't expect anything on Wednesdays anymore!  The timing of the P Day change couldn't have been better because sooo much has happened since Wednesday! On Thursday, we did scambi with the Pozzuoli sorelle, but this time they both came down to Battipaglia.  It [...]

General Conference is the BOMB!

Me and Sorella Buckley at the Castell dell'Ovo in Napoli with Mount Vesuvius in the background 🙂 Our favorite English course students! Loveeeee them (such good friends, they invite the missionaries over on their birthday) Can I just say, General Conference is the best thing EVER!!!  Ahh, I love it so much 🙂  It's like [...]