Mitica Messina

This week has been absolutely magical!!  It's been really cool to see the Lord guide our planning and put people in our path with the plans that we make.  We had a lot of plans to see less actives and new converts this week and when we would show up, they would have a friend … Continue reading Mitica Messina


Benvenuta a Messina!

Transfer week!!!  Hooray for long train rides!  It actually didn't feel that long though, which was good.  I took a train from Salerno all the way down to Messina, which was about a 5 1/2 hour train ride.  And thankfully the other missionaries going to Sicily from Rome were in the same train car as … Continue reading Benvenuta a Messina!

Palaces, funerals, and castles…just your typical missionary life!

Oh where do I start?  I gotta catch up on that past couple of weeks! Last Wednesday, we went to the Reggia di Caserta, which is a huge palace up in Caserta that is absolutely beautiful!  As if the building itself wasn't amazing, the gardens were humongous!!  It was 3km just to walk to the … Continue reading Palaces, funerals, and castles…just your typical missionary life!