Happy Thanksgiving from Messina!

Ciao tutti!!  This week has been a crazyyyy one, to say the least!  Well, mentally crazy, haha.  The most stressful thing was transfer calls!!  Ahhh that was the most stressful day ever!  Every time the phone rang, we freaked out, haha.  But Sorella Stephens and I are both staying in Messina!!  Aww yeah 🙂  We … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from Messina!


La Risata

  5 months in Italy!!  Man, it feels like I just got to Italy, but I've already been here for 5 months!! The weeks just fly by...and this week was great! On Wednesday, we had dinner with a new convert Sri Lankan family.  The mom, Dilhani, read our palms and it was so cool!  I … Continue reading La Risata