Yayyyyy Filipinos!

Coolest week ever.  Man, where do I even begin?  So at the beginning of the week, I just really felt strongly that there was someone here in Messina who needed us and was just waiting for us to find them.  So I prayed a lot about it so that we would be guided in where … Continue reading Yayyyyy Filipinos!


Greenie magic?

So this week has been both the longest and the fastest week ever!  And I bet it's felt even longer for Sorella Arnold since it was her first week in Italy.  But it's been so great, and we had some really cool experiences!  Call it what you want, greenie magic or whatever, but miracles happen … Continue reading Greenie magic?

Happy New Year!! (aka Happy Birthday, Mom!!)

Startin' off the New Year in style: TRANSFERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ARE YOU READYYYYY?????? Sorella Stephens is going to good ol' Bari!!  You can look up where that is, it's in Puglia by the heel of the boot kinda.  And I'm staying in mitica Messina and my companion will be.....I don't know yet!!  So you know what that … Continue reading Happy New Year!! (aka Happy Birthday, Mom!!)