From Sicily to Sri Lanka

We had some great lessons this week!!  Even though we had a ton of lessons fall through again this week, the ones that we did have were pretty solid 🙂  We're finally breaking down Maurizio's barriers and he admitted to us that he was scared of deceiving his parents, but he's also scared to tell [...]


Craziest week EVER.

Talk about the craziest week ever!!  We weren't even in Messina for almost the whole week! Zone blitz, zone conference, exchanges.... Early Wednesday morning, we went to Enna, which is a little city right smack in the middle of Sicily (there's actually a little monument that says center of Sicily).  All of the missionaries in [...]

Halfway done…

Weirdest feeling ever.  I'm halfway done with my mission!!! Wait a seconddddd, when did 9 months go by??  That was the fastest 9 months of my life! I can't believe I only have 9 months left...that's just the weirdest thought ever.  AH. You know that time of year when everyone gets sick??  Well, it seems [...]