All roads lead to Rome….or thereabouts

  I'm officially moved in!!  After 7 1/2 months in Messina, I've been booted up towards the northern boundaries of the mission!  Our branch is called "Rome 5", even though it's actually like a 45 minute train ride north of Rome.  We live in this itty bitty little town called Passo Corese.  It's really cute … Continue reading All roads lead to Rome….or thereabouts


Roller coaster Mother’s day

  Transfer calls!!!  Dun dun dun.....what is happening in mitica Messina??  That's right, Sorella Mathews is going up to Rome!!  Well, sort of.  There's 5 wards/areas in Rome and 4 of them are in the actual city and one of them is more outside of the city.  So I'm going to Rome 5, which is … Continue reading Roller coaster Mother’s day