All roads lead to Rome….or thereabouts

  I'm officially moved in!!  After 7 1/2 months in Messina, I've been booted up towards the northern boundaries of the mission!  Our branch is called "Rome 5", even though it's actually like a 45 minute train ride north of Rome.  We live in this itty bitty little town called Passo Corese.  It's really cute [...]


Roller coaster Mother’s day

  Transfer calls!!!  Dun dun dun.....what is happening in mitica Messina??  That's right, Sorella Mathews is going up to Rome!!  Well, sort of.  There's 5 wards/areas in Rome and 4 of them are in the actual city and one of them is more outside of the city.  So I'm going to Rome 5, which is [...]

Headin’ down the home stretch

  Ok, as of May 1st this past week, I am officially "old" in the mission.  I only have 6 months left! D:  That's a weird thought...I still feel like I just got here, haha.  Man, time flies by so fast!  It seems every month just gets faster and faster.  May 1st also happens to [...]