Benvenuta, Sorella Patterson!

  This week was so good!!  We saw sooo many miracles!  We had transfers this week, but there were a lot of people, investigators and contacts, that I hadn't met yet because everyone's been super busy with exams and stuff.  But something happened and in the last couple of days before Sorella Palmer left, we … Continue reading Benvenuta, Sorella Patterson!


Transfer Calls!

We got transfer calls this week!!  You're never going to believe it....Sorella Palmer is going to Messina!!!  That's right, THE Messina.  The Messina I just spent 5 transfers in!! 😀  I've just been pumping her up for it since Saturday, haha 🙂  She's going down to la bella Sicilia on Thursday and I'm getting Sorella … Continue reading Transfer Calls!