April showers bring May flowers and…allergies!

June 2, 2014


Sorry about last week!!  We had to go up to Rieti last week because Sorella Palmer had to do this “culture class” for her permesso (her green card) and it took 5 hours….so we didn’t end up having time to email.  But!  While I was waiting, I talked to 4 awesome Filippini! 😀  And by the time we left, I got all of their phone numbers!  Hahaha it was so great, when they found out I was half Filipina, they were so excited and it was like instant friendship! 🙂 

This week has been super rough, on the allergy end.  Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to sneeze my brains out.  I literally sneezed more than twenty times during personal study on Thursday morning, hahaha, it was so ridiculous it was kind of funny.  But probably super annoying for my companion because she was trying to study too, ahaha.  Oops.  And then on Wednesday my eyes were just sooo itchy and red and swollen. Man.  But it rained this weekend, thank goodness, so things are much better now! 🙂 

I met some more Filippini this week! 😀 We went to see Jenny, the Filippini less active in the branch and she introduced us to her cousin!  Her name is Diana and she’s the fittest little 14 year-old I have ever met.  Seriously.  This little girl does triathlons every weekend!  What a champ.  And she’s so adorable, she reminded me of my little sister. 🙂  And then yesterday walking back from the train station, I met this 15 year-old Filippina girl named Yao and her parents.  Her parents didn’t seem too interested but Yao was just super friendly and was totally down to give us her phone number so we can meet up again.  Yao.  Yay Filippini!! 😀 

Oh, and Happy Festa Della Repubblica!!  Today’s a holiday in Italy.  It’s the anniversary of when their republic government was formed.  So literally everything is closed except for one gelateria and this internet point.  We’re actually really lucky this internet point is open today, haha, because even the grocery stores are closed! 

These past couple of weeks we’ve been working a ton with our amazing Nigerian investigator, Gloria.  She’s so amazing, I love her so much! 😀  And she has the stinkin’ cutest little 2 year-old son that just melts my heart.  He’s so cute! 🙂  So last Saturday, Gloria had her baptismal interview and it went great!  Afterwards, with all of us, Elder Steurer asked her how she felt about the gospel and she just bore the strongest testimony about how she just knows that this is what God’s wants for her in her life and that she’s ready and that she’s found her church.  Whoo! 🙂  So this past Saturday was her baptism!!  It was so great and the members were so welcoming and loving.  She’s only been in Italy for a couple of years, so she doesn’t really speak italian yet.  So at the end when they asked her to bear her testimony, they had me translate it into Italian for her.  There was an amazing Spirit!  It was an incredible experience for me, but in the end, I don’t think there was a need for anyone to translate for her.  You could feel the Spirit and the power of her testimony before I had even translated anything.  So it was just another reminder and testimony builder that no matter where we are or what language we speak, the gospel is for everyone.  Even if we all speak different languages, the language of the Spirit is the same and testifies of the truth, no matter what language it’s proclaimed in.





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