Transfer Calls!

We got transfer calls this week!!  You’re never going to believe it….Sorella Palmer is going to Messina!!!  That’s right, THE Messina.  The Messina I just spent 5 transfers in!! 😀  I’ve just been pumping her up for it since Saturday, haha 🙂  She’s going down to la bella Sicilia on Thursday and I’m getting Sorella Patterson!  I know absolutely nothing about her except that she’s coming over from Sassari in Sardegnia so I’ll let you know next week! 🙂

Soooo besides transfer calls, we’ve just been trying to find new investigators!  We found this cool Albanian family! 🙂  The daughter (really couldn’t tell you what her name is…I couldn’t really pronounce it, haha) is 14 and she hurdles!!  When she said that, I was like, “No way, I hurdled too!!”  And then she thought we were soooo much cooler and more normal after that, hahaha;  she ran upstairs and brought down all of her medals and stuff 🙂  And then she ended up staying for the lesson, too!  Awww yeah! 🙂  She’s actually super cool!  We’re going back to see them this week.  And then a bunch of our potential investigators are finishing up with exams today and tomorrow, so we’ll finally get to see them again.  We had a really good Peruvian dinner last night with our investigator who is finally making time to see us.  She made us papa alla uhancina or whatever it’s called.  It was awesome! 🙂 

And then on Friday, there was a Relief Society activity at Mamma Gigante’s house (yes, that really is her last name).  It was a combined baby shower/birthday party for Sister Malara and Alessandra.  Sister Malara thought it was a surprise birthday party for Alessandra and Alessandra thought it was a baby shower for Sister Malara.  In reality, it was both, but they were both surprised, haha.  One of the sisters in the branch had told us that she was going to bring her friend to the activity.  She said, “Then you guys can come to the activity too because my friend will be there.” Haha oh Sister Criscione 🙂  Buttttt, awkward, we get there and neither Sister Criscione nor her friend are there…but we had driven all the way out there, so we figured we should at least strengthen our relationship with the members that were there.  Sorella Palmer and I had decided to make a present for Alessandra.  She just turned 20 and is working on her mission papers.  We wanted to give her something that she could use on her mission, so we made her an awesome study journal!  We put a bunch of paper in a binder with dividers and made it all epic and awesome and we glued nice pictures and quotes and scriptures in it and then we made a little list of things we wish we had done before our mission.  It was pretty good, if I do say so myself 🙂  Alessandra loved it!  And then the relief society president picked it up and looked through it and just looked at us like, “Wow.  I’m really impressed.  You guys are awesome!” So in the end, it was good. 🙂 

Sorry, I don’t have a lot of time this week!!  But I love you all!!

Sorella Mathews 🙂



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