Everything happens for a reason


I don’t have a lot of time today, but this week was absolutely amazing!!  We saw soooo many miracles!!  Heavenly Father just leads us to people who are so prepared for the gospel!  But it was kind of weird how everything worked out.  It just goes to show that the Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes and it doesn’t always make sense to us at first, but He knows exactly where He needs us and when.  We had a lot of appointments either fall through or for some reason, we just missed every bus and train possible this week, hahaha. I don’t think I’ve ever missed so many buses and trains my whole mission!  But for some reason, we just missed everything.  But because of those, we always met someone either at the bus stop or at the train station who was super open to our message!  It was absolutely amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many amazing contacts in one week!  Half of them don’t live in our area, which is a bit of a bummer, but the missionaries in their area are about to teach the most prepared people ever!! Man.  Ahhh, it was such a great week 🙂  In such a weird way, hahaha.  It was so amazing and it just really strengthened my testimony that the Lord’s hand is in every aspect of this work.  He guides our planning of where we go and when.  And then He puts people in our path that He knows are ready for the gospel.  And if we’re in tune with His Spirit and have the courage to open our mouths and talk to those people that He puts in our path, beautiful things happen! 🙂 



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