Amazing grace

Rome East Specialized Training with Zone Leaders and Sister Train
Rome East Specialized Training

I swear, I never have enough time to write anything!!  This week has been pretty good; it’s been a hard week, but I learned a lot.

This week we had great lessons and we passed off a couple of our new investigators to the Elders because they live in an all-man house.  And the transition went really well, so it was great.  We got another new investigator, Hillo, from the area book and he’s very open and interested to learn more and he wants to read the Book of Mormon, so we’re pretty excited for him.  And one of our amazing new investigators, Kevin, came to church yesterday!  It was absolutely incredible!  He found his own way to church and then the members were so awesome with him!  I’ve never seen members welcome an investigator so warmly before in my entire mission.  Kevin has only been in Italy for 2 months (he’s from Nigeria), so he doesn’t know hardly any italian yet, but the members didn’t let that affect how they treated him.  In some form of broken English or another, they all made sure they said hi to him and made him feel at home.  By the end, Kevin asked us if we had services during the week and when we said no, he said that he will definitely be back next week.  It was absolutely incredible!!  It was just such a great testimony builder to me of the power that members have on investigators’ conversion experience. 

With Sorella Rossell! ;)
Sister Training Leader With Sorella Rossell! 😉

Sorella Rossell and I went to Rome 1 for exchanges this week.  Rome 1 is the west part of Rome where all the touristy stuff are (the Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, all that jazz).  I worked with Sorella Furia, who has been in the mission field for 3 weeks!  She’s from Torino up in northern Italy and she’s absolutely adorable 🙂  It was soooo weird haha because it was like working with a greenie in the sense that she still has no idea what’s going on and just does what you do and stuff.  But she knows the language!  Hahaha it was the weirdest experience, but it was cool! 🙂  It’s basically like just showing them the ropes without having to help them with the language, too.  Is that what it’s like in English speaking missions??  Weird….

In other news…we found a Filipina lady! 😀  Hahaha surprise!  No, but it was so cool!  On Tuesday, we had about half an hour left before we had to be home and we didn’t have any teaching appointments.  So we just picked a direction and went and decided to turn down a little street and ring the doorbells.  And these houses were actually houses, not apartment complexes.  So they were little villette, with the fence around the yard and everything.  We rang the bell to the gate and this lady looks out the window and just buzzed open the gate.  So we go in and walk up to the front door and  she just opens the door and walks into the main room and goes, “Prego, prego!”  Literally, she just let us into her house without even asking who we were. We were kind of in shock, but we go in and sit down and guess what!  She’s Filipina!! 😀  And “by chance”, I had brought a Tagalog Book of Mormon with me that day!  Whatttttttt.  So incredible!  And what’s even better is that Shirley (that’s her name) told us that she got home from work early that day “for some reason”.  Ahhh such a cool miracle, there is no way ANY of that was by chance.  I was prompted to bring a Tagalog Book of Mormon that day because Heavenly Father knew that she was going to get home from work early that day so that we could meet her! 😀  So, moral of the story.  Always follow promptings and always work until the very end.  We only had 30 minutes left to work.  We could’ve gotten something to eat, but we decided to keep going and the Lord blessed us.



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