Italian is oozing out of my ears

Ciao tutti!  This week has been so crazy with transfers and everything.  Man.  Mine and Sorella Henson’s new companions are here! 😀  Our house has done a 180° flip haha it’s crazy.  My companion is Sorella Cano and Sorella Henson’s greenie is Sorella Sanchez!  The one greenie that doesn’t speak any English, haha.  Both of them are South American, but have been living in northern Italy for a long time, so they speak perfect Italian and not a drop of English.  So needless to say, we’ve been speaking nothing but Italian 24/7, in and out of the house.  Italian is just oozing out of my ears now.  My English is going to be totally destroyed by the end of this transfer, haha.  It’s just super weird, I just think in Italian all the time now, so when I do talk in English, I have to stop and think about it, haha.  And sometimes, it’s just this weird mix of both languages that only makes sense to the American missionaries.  But it’s good, I love italian! 🙂 And my companion is so great!  She’s so little and adorable and hilarious. 🙂

Oh, one story from this week.  So we went to have lunch at Sorella Giambona’s house so that the other sorelle could say goodbye to her before transfers.  And Sorella Giambona has this tradition that she does with every missionary who comes to her house for the first time.  She calls it the “autista”, which means driver (like a bus driver).  So you squeeze a TON of lemons and dilute it with a little water.  And then she puts a spoonful of baking soda in it so it fizzes like crazy and you have to drink it all super fast.  Supposedly it helps with digestion if you’ve eaten too much?  I dunno, but man, that stuff makes you burp!  Sorella Giambona gets such a kick out of it, hahaha. 🙂  So, if you’ve eaten too much, just make yourself a nice autista!

Best part of the week!  We’ve been working with this lady named Catia who has been inactive and she came to church yesterday for the first time in over 10 years! 😀  Ahh it was so great, especially because she’s been going through a hard time lately, but it’s been amazing to see that it’s driven her to come back to church and come closer to God.  Staying close to God really is the best way to deal with our trials,  I’ve seen it in my life and definitely seen it on my mission working with so many different people with so many different problems.  It doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with, the easiest way to handle it is with Heavenly Father’s help.

I hope you have a great week!!

Vi voglio un mondo di bene!!

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