The Final Hurrah

Well, this is it.  I never thought it would actually happen, but the last week of my mission is finally here.  It's the weirdest thing, to think that everything that I've known, lived, and breathed for the last 18 months is about to completely change.  And at the same time, I'm coming home completely changed.  [...]


Last transfer call…

First, let's just take a second to take a deep breath before thinking about the fact that I'm heading into my last transfer of my mission.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Alright.  Done freaking out now.  For my last transfer, I will be staying in Palermo!!  Yay!!! 😀  Thank goodness haha as I absolutely LOVE Palermo!  But I'm getting [...]

August is over!!!

Yay August is over!!  Man, August on the mission is definitely a bit of a challenge.  Besides the fact that it's super duper hot and humid, everyone goes on vacation!  So all the people we had been working with before August are finally getting back from vacation today and tomorrow, so now we won't have [...]

God loves me!

Summer is officially starting to taper off!  August in Italy is definitely the roughest month, as far as missionary work goes.  Almost all of our investigators are on vacation, so we've been doing a lot of finding and looking for less actives.  But by the end of this week, hopefully our friends will be back [...]

La Bella Sicilia Round Two!

This week has felt like the longest week ever!  It's just been so busy and I've just been everywhere.  Man.  So, quick recap: Last Monday, we went to Rome for P Day!  Whoo!!  Probably the last time I'll see Rome until right before I come home!  That's a weird thought...We got to see the Sorelle [...]

Transfer calls!!!

Can you believe that another transfer has already gone by??  I swear, every transfer goes by faster and faster.  Crazy.  But I've learned soooooo much this transfer.  It's always so interesting to see how the Lord teaches us things that He wants us to learn.  It's not always the funnest or easiest, but in the [...]

Amazing grace

I swear, I never have enough time to write anything!!  This week has been pretty good; it's been a hard week, but I learned a lot. This week we had great lessons and we passed off a couple of our new investigators to the Elders because they live in an all-man house.  And the transition [...]


  Ahh, I always run out of time to write a good email!  Menagia, sorry!  But this week has been absolutely incredible!  All of the incredible people we met last week wanted to see us this week, so our teaching pool just exploded this week.  It's been amazing, ahh, I don't even know how to [...]