La Bella Sicilia Round Two!

This week has felt like the longest week ever!  It's just been so busy and I've just been everywhere.  Man.  So, quick recap: Last Monday, we went to Rome for P Day!  Whoo!!  Probably the last time I'll see Rome until right before I come home!  That's a weird thought...We got to see the Sorelle [...]


Transfer calls!!!

Can you believe that another transfer has already gone by??  I swear, every transfer goes by faster and faster.  Crazy.  But I've learned soooooo much this transfer.  It's always so interesting to see how the Lord teaches us things that He wants us to learn.  It's not always the funnest or easiest, but in the [...]

Amazing grace

I swear, I never have enough time to write anything!!  This week has been pretty good; it's been a hard week, but I learned a lot. This week we had great lessons and we passed off a couple of our new investigators to the Elders because they live in an all-man house.  And the transition [...]


  Ahh, I always run out of time to write a good email!  Menagia, sorry!  But this week has been absolutely incredible!  All of the incredible people we met last week wanted to see us this week, so our teaching pool just exploded this week.  It's been amazing, ahh, I don't even know how to [...]

Everything happens for a reason

  I don't have a lot of time today, but this week was absolutely amazing!!  We saw soooo many miracles!!  Heavenly Father just leads us to people who are so prepared for the gospel!  But it was kind of weird how everything worked out.  It just goes to show that the Lord works in mysterious [...]

Benvenuta, Sorella Patterson!

  This week was so good!!  We saw sooo many miracles!  We had transfers this week, but there were a lot of people, investigators and contacts, that I hadn't met yet because everyone's been super busy with exams and stuff.  But something happened and in the last couple of days before Sorella Palmer left, we [...]

Transfer Calls!

We got transfer calls this week!!  You're never going to believe it....Sorella Palmer is going to Messina!!!  That's right, THE Messina.  The Messina I just spent 5 transfers in!! 😀  I've just been pumping her up for it since Saturday, haha 🙂  She's going down to la bella Sicilia on Thursday and I'm getting Sorella [...]

Happy Father’s Day!!

Look at me, little homemaker, makin' banana bread! Belated Happy Father's Day to all you Americans!!!  Because Father's Day in Italy was actually a few months ago...but this past week was also my "birthday" in Italy!  I have officially been in Italy for 1 year! 😀  Man, it seems like I've only been here for [...]

When in Rome…

Ciao from Rome!!  Gosh, it's already hot here...It's just as humid in Rome as it is back home, but it's always super sun shiny and there's no breeze because we're no where near the sea.  And when there IS a breeze, it's that nice hot, African wind.  So I'm getting nice and tan and working [...]